June, 2011
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Arrived in Bolivia for another mountain adventure with my friend, Mike and guide, Pablo. Spent 2 days acclimatizing in La Paz (11,900 ft.) before heading into the Andes to climb the following peaks...

Pico Austria, 16,400 ft.
Pyramide Blanco, 17,159 ft.
Tarija, 17,390 ft.
Piqueno Alpamayo, 17,688 ft.
Huayna Potosi, 19,970 ft.
Illimani, 21,122 ft.

La Paz...

The Ritz, "home away from home" between mountains in Bolivia.

The market...

Best empinadas ever!

Llama fetuses... they are used as "offerings" to the mountains.

Offerings are done by The Aymaras, ancient people in Bolivia. This woman prepared a Mesa, a "table" of symbolic trinkets (including a llama fetus). The mesa was burned in a beautiful ceremony at the base of the mountains as an offering to Pachumama (mother earth). In return, we were able to ask Pachumama to let her climb her mountains.

Our Mesa...

To be continued...